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Tile can make or break any room. Not only is selecting the right color, style, and product important, finding the right contractor is even more important. Looking to reshape your Kitchen, bathroom, dining or living room? Our contractors in Seattle WA 98115 will give you options in creating a beautiful tile kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor, wall tiles, kitchen floor tiles, fireplace tiles, as well as outdoor applications. The goal of our contractors is to give our customers a large selection of high quality tile options. Our experience and attention to detail is truly unmatched by our competitors. We have the industry’s most comprehensive screening process, along with millions of verified ratings and reviews.

We install or repair tile for your home or business to add beauty, value, and durability to your existing construction or new construction project. Our tile contractors offer custom tile design, tile installation, and tile repair. Not only do we do tile work, but we also do all types of remodel and repair for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, patios, and more. All of our craftsmen in your area are experienced in all areas of tile installation. We can work with any budget and ensure you get nothing but quality workmanship at the affordable price you can’t beat.

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Tile installation requires meticulous and accurate work. It only takes one misplaced or off centered tile to ruin an entire floor installation. Protect yourself from faulty tile work by hiring top quality tile contractors for your floor tile and tile repair projects. If your floor tile needs repairing, make sure to take care of it promptly so that it doesn’t worsen. We understand that you are investing valuable time and money into your project and we hope you will put your trust into us to deliver an outstanding service that speaks volumes. We will provide you with free estimates from some of the best pros in the Seattle WA 98115 area.


Art Tile Company
, 26 reviews
Kitchen & Bath
8511 Roosevelt Way NE,Mapleleaf,Seattle, WA 98115

Decker Design Tile Installation
, 24 reviews
Northgate,Seattle, WA 98125

Yellow Moon Construction
, 12 reviews
20126 Ballinger Way NE,Ste 248,Shoreline, WA 98155

Carpet Liquidators
, 14 reviews
13501 Aurora Ave N,Bitter Lake,Seattle, WA 98133

Home School Construction
, 11 reviews
801 S Fidalgo St,Mapleleaf,Seattle, WA 98115

Queen Anne Handyman
, 66 reviews
360 Newell St,Queen Anne,Seattle, WA 98109


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